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Sunday, 25 November 2012


Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb
Good morning ladies and gentlemen,honorable juries,and respected audiences.
First of all,we should say Alhamdulillahirabbil’alamin to the Almighty Allah SWT for the blessing the gives us here. So that , we can gather here to participate in this important program for youthful  especially for students of senior high school to improve our english knowledge or ability.And dont forget to send our loves to our prophet , Muhammad SAW , because he has brought us from the  dark world to the knowledge world as we feel now.
Dear audiences,in this speech contest i want to tell about facebook. And allow me to deliver my speech has a tittle of ” The Advantages and the Disadvantages of Having Facebook. “  Please pay your attention.
Facebook is a social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook,Incorporated.Individuals who have an facebook account are now using more of their time to  socialize with other people  amidst the distance and lack of time. And even if a community like Facebook serves numerous advantages, it also proves to have certain disadvantages as well.
Dear audiences,as i said before, the are many advantages of having and using facebook.First, facebook is a social interaction software. When it comes with communication like  facebook hits the number one spot. It can allow the users to track down long lost friends, acquaintances and relatives that they haven’t seen for years. Users are able to meet new groups and are  able to interact with their likes and dislikes. Through the systems’s organization of profiles, it allows its users access to other personal interests that a contact can use. This can also be a perfect  gateway for love to bloom in a dating process.
Second,facebook is useful for students connection . Since facebook  is popular  with the younger masses due to similiar interets and habits, it is also opens a door for connecting students organizations and ideas. Organization can post on walls updates regarding upcoming events and gatherings. And even though there is an increase in one accessibility of online communities like facebook, there are are supported who still insist that the service offer more alternatives in terms of communication modes therefore allowing announcements on different capabilities and function which will remain dominant.
Third,facebook is useful in economy matters. Facebook’s influence is continuously succeeding other online communities thus makes it a more amiable site to let the economy flourish . Through the system, companies can advertise their products and in return for the space provided by the site, the advertisers pay a certain amount of money enabling the site to raise revenue . Most of the advertisements posted are aimed for the majority of facebook’s population which is mainly studebts of all kinds.
Dear andiences,Those are the some advantages of facebook. There are many disadvantages of using facebook too. Such as, weak eyesight,less time outdoors,less time physically spent with a person,and etc.First,Weak eyesight  . Staring at a computer screen can weaken your eyesight. Facebook can only be accessed through the Internet, and if you use it too much, then your eyesight will get worse. Facebook also provides many games and applications that require you to focus on the screen for a long time. Your eyesight can get worse if you use facebook for too long.
Second,Less time outdoors- If you get addicted to facebook, then you may miss out on all the fun that you can have outdoors. In summers, there is a lot to do outside in the sun. But, if you get addicted to facebook, then you will be sitting indoors and wasting a lot of your precious time on facebook. There is so much more to do outdoors, and you will miss out on it if you use facebook too much.
Third,Less time physically spent with a person- you might be talking to the person everyday on facebook, but you may reduce the time that you spend face to face. You may not want to talk on phone anymore, and this also has disadvantages. You will become anti-social and develop social anxiety disorder if you never talk to people face to face. This is a terrible disorder, which can also put into depression. This is one of biggest disadvantages of facebook. You will become anti-social and spend less time with people.
Dear audiences,antoher disadvantages of facebook is that it has too many useless applications. You may waste a lot of time rejecting invitations, and waste time. There is also the  feature of wall posting, which means others can see your conversation. This can be really embarrassing for people. This feature makes it impossible to hold private conversations. Even the  photos can be viewed by all your friends, and strangers can see them once they get on your friend’s list.
These are the disadvantages of using facebook for too long. But there are ways that you can use facebook, and get only the advantages. Use facebook for planning events, creating  more awareness about issues, and just chatting. Don’t use it for personal conversations that can be done face to face. You may run out of conversations when you actually meet with the person  in real life. This is why it is important to create a balance between facebook and your social life.
Ladies and gentlemen,honorable juries,and respected audiences. I think that’s all my short speech to you. I hope it’s useful for us. Please forgive if i made  mistakes. And finally i say , wassalam.


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